Shipmodul - MiniPlex-3 SeaTalk Transmission

Shipmodul have made a firmware update available for the MiniPlex-3 series. This update (V1.13.0) adds SeaTalk transmission to the MiniPlex-3. With this firmware update, a MiniPlex-3 will now convert NMEA 0183 data (and NMEA 2000 on -N2K models) into SeaTalk data.

Also, the rudder angle will now be received from the SeaTalk bus and converted into an RSA sentence.

This update also resolves an issue with heading sentences. NMEA 0183 sentences HDG, HDT and THS are now output at 10Hz when the heading source is NMEA 2000. In case of SeaTalk, these sentences are output at 2Hz, which equals the update rate on the SeaTalk bus.

Shipmodul will release an updated manual as soon as possible. This manual update will also have the missing information about the Access Point settings of the MiniPlex-3Wi-N2K